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Video zum digitalen Nomadentum „Work from anywhere: Become a Digital Nomad“

Ich hatte das Glück auf Bali mein erstes YouTube Video zu drehen! Was braucht es eigentlich um digitale Nomadin zu werden? Was habe ich eingepackt? Was solltet ihr auf jeden Fall zu Hause lassen, wenn ihr auch plant, euch auf den Weg zu begeben? Hört meine Tipps! Dieses Video ist ausnahmsweise auf Englisch.

What does it takes to become a Digital Nomad? Jasmin from Germany just made the decision and tells us what she packed.

Gaetano from Italy studied the nomad lifestyle in the last years: The number of people who work remotly as employers, freelancers or company owners is increasing since round about 2015.

If you are thinking to travel and working at the same time, make amazing experiences and discover beautiful locations around the world, watch this video!